Our most recent innovation is the Municipal Sustainability Tool (MST™) - FOR EMPOWERED AND INNOVATIVE DECISION MAKING. The Tool has been developed to facilitate data driven informed decision making for municipal officials. We have combined in excess of 100 years of municipal experience to identify the burning issues faced by municipalities. Our process utilises data science and numerous data sources to continuously update and inform users of the state of the municipality and enable them to make decisions that will:


Protect and enhance revenue;

Ensure efficient and effective asset management utilisation and maintenance; and

Identify human resource requirements and allocation across the municipality linked to revenue and social economic advancement.


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AAMS provides the client with an easy to use, effective and efficient system that allows for accurate and immediate asset management practices.  It should be noted that the AAMS provides a sustainable solution to Public Entities who;


Are moving from a manual to a technical solution;

Need to do new asset registers;

Need to update or verify existing asset registers regularly; and

Need a user-friendly, fast and efficient way to capture their assets.


The AAMS is an asset management software system that consists of two units i.e.


The android based system that runs on Android Operating Systems (OS).  It can be used by both smart phones and tablets that

have the Android OS.  This is primarily the tool that is used to do physical asset take-on and asset verification; and

The Web or PC based system that is used in the administration and maintenance of the assets and also does the required GRAP

depreciation calculations.








PROJECT LIVE SHEET is a comprehensive tool that is used to track the status of assets under construction. It allows the user to track progress from inception of the project until the project is completed and brought onto the organisation’s fixed Assets Register (FAR). The system has a built-in audit trail that can trace changes made to project information, it indicates what information was updated, by who and when it was updated.


It has the capability to track possible impairment indicators making it easier to identify projects that need to be tested for impairments. The information produced by this tool can be used to assist in improving in many other work streams.






Tender management system (tms)


Our TENDER MANAGEMENT SOLUTION delivers a simple all-in-one solution to manage the entire bidding process. The user interface ensures all relevant team players can be involved in the tender process when needed:


An efficient, secure and auditable tender management process from end-to-end, all in a single platform;

Enables users to track the progress of their tender process;

Gives status reports for each tender the organisation is responding to;

Enable users to easily follow the required process;

A repository for all corporate knowledge used to improve the competitiveness of a formal tender; and

Capture and achieve results giving future bids a strategic and tactical insights.






Digital Sheriff


DIGITAL SHERIFF (DS) is a unique innovation that has the potential to change the legal landscape forever, not only on this Continent but worldwide.


In order to fully operationalise DS, a multi-disciplinary approach is needed to achieve the following:


A fully capable solution that will meet the requirements of all potential users;

A new legislative regime that will allow the use of DS instead of the archaic use of the traditional Sheriff to serve legal documents;

Interim revenue generating opportunities; and

Eventual revenue generating model once DS can be fully utilised.

We integrate technology and digital data solutions into the above processes to achieve informed decision making

with the ultimate objective of Municipal Sustainability.



Human Resources

Tariff Modelling

Customer Profiling

Indigent Management

Debt Collection

Debt Impairment

Revenue Enhancement

Forecasting and Budgeting
(Predictive Modelling)

Circular 71 Ratios

Municipal Sustainability Index (MSI)

Audit Outcomes

Financial Planning

Conditional Status

Replacement Values

Impairment Indicators

Infrastructure Capacity and Population


Link Revenue, Repairs and Maintenance

Spend and Resources Deployed

Breakdown of Resources in Place

(Number and Costs) per Department

and per Category

Number and Cost of Vacancies per

Department and per Category

Period of Vacancies

Link Resources (and Vacancies) to

Service Delivery

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